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Database File Types

Database files store data in a structured format, organized into tables and fields. Individual entries within a database are called records. Databases are commonly used for storing data referenced by dynamic websites.

Common database file extensions include .DB, .ACCDB, .NSF, and .FP7.

Extension File Description Popularity
.$erGroupWise Database★★★☆☆
.4dd4th Dimension Database Data File★★★☆☆
.4dl4th Dimension Database Log File★★☆☆☆
.absAbsolute Database File★★☆☆☆
.accdbAccess 2007 Database File★★★★★
.accdcMicrosoft Access Signed Package★★★☆☆
.accdeAccess Execute Only Database★★★☆☆
.accdrAccess Runtime Application★★★☆☆
.accdtMicrosoft Access Database Template★★★☆☆
.accdwMicrosoft Access Database Link File★★☆☆☆
.accftMicrosoft Access Data Type Template★★★☆☆
.adbAbility Database File★★☆☆☆
.adbAlpha Five Database File★★★☆☆
.adeAccess Project Extension★★★☆☆
.adfACT! Data File★★★☆☆
.adnAccess Blank Project Template★★☆☆☆
.adpAccess Project★★★★☆
.alfACT! Lookup File★★★☆☆
.askaskSam Database★★★☆☆
.btrBtrieve Database File★★☆☆☆
.catAdvanced Disk Catalog Database★★☆☆☆
.cdbCardScan Contacts Database★★★☆☆
.cdbSymbian Phonebook Database★★★★☆
.cdbPocket Access Database★★★☆☆
.ckpSQL Server Checkpoint File★★★☆☆
.cmaTM1 Exported Cube File★★☆☆☆
.cpdRoboHelp Cache Project Database★★★☆☆
.daconnectionsRemObjects Data Abstract Connections File★★★☆☆
.dacpacSQL Server Data Tier Application Package★★★☆☆
.dadRemObjects Data Abstract Driver File★★☆☆☆
.dadiagramsRemObjects Data Abstract Data Diagrams File★★☆☆☆
.daschemaRemObjects Data Abstract Schema File★★★☆☆
.dbDatabase File★★★★★
.dbMobile Device Database File★★★☆☆
.db-shmSQLite Database Shared Memory File★★☆☆☆
.db-walSQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File★★☆☆☆
.db2dBASE II Database★☆☆☆☆
.db3SQLite Database File★★★☆☆
.dbcFoxPro Database★★★☆☆
.dbfDatabase File★★★★★
.dbsSQLBase Database File★★★☆☆
.dbtDatabase Text File★★★☆☆
.dbvDatabase Variable Field★★★☆☆
.dbxVisual FoxPro Table★★☆☆☆
.dcbConcordance Database File★★★☆☆
.dctFoxPro Database Memo★★☆☆☆
.dcxFoxPro Database Index★★★☆☆
.ddlData Definition Language File★★★☆☆
.dp1DataPower Database File★★★☆☆
.dqyExcel Query File★★☆☆☆
.dskSimple IDs Database★★☆☆☆
.dsnDatabase Source Name File★★★★☆
.dtsxDTS Settings File★★★☆☆
.dxlDomino XML Language File★★★☆☆
.ecoECCO Database File★★★☆☆
.ecxECCO Corrupted Database File★★★☆☆
.edbExchange Information Store Database★★★☆☆
.fcdFirst Choice Database★☆☆☆☆
.fdbMicrosoft Dynamics NAV Database File★★★☆☆
.ficWinDev Hyper File Database★★★☆☆
.fm5FileMaker 5 Database★☆☆☆☆
.fmpFileMaker Pro Database★☆☆☆☆
.fmp12FileMaker Pro 12 Database★★★★☆
.fmpslFileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link★★★☆☆
.folPFS First Choice Database File★☆☆☆☆
.fp3FileMaker Pro 3 Database★☆☆☆☆
.fp4FileMaker Pro 4 Database★☆☆☆☆
.fp5FileMaker Pro 5 Database★★☆☆☆
.fp7FileMaker Pro 7+ Database★★★★☆
.fptFileMaker Pro Database Memo File★★★☆☆
.frmMySQL Database Format File★★★★☆
.gdbInterBase Database File★★☆☆☆
.gwiGroupWise Database Shortcut File★★★☆☆
.hdbHansaWorld Database File★★★☆☆
.hisFindinSite Database Definition File★★☆☆☆
.ibInterBase Database★★★☆☆
.idbIDA Database File★★★☆☆
.ihxIN-HEH Timeline Database★★★☆☆
.itdbiTunes Database File★★★☆☆
.itwInTouch With Database File★★★☆☆
.jtxESE Transaction Log★★☆☆☆
.kdbKeypass Database File★★★☆☆
.kexiKexi Database★★★☆☆
.kexicKexi Database Connection File★★☆☆☆
.kexisKexi Database Shortcut File★★☆☆☆
.lgcSimpleK Database File★★★☆☆
.mafMicrosoft Access Form★★☆☆☆
.maqMicrosoft Access Query★★★☆☆
.marMicrosoft Access Report★★☆☆☆
.marshalMarshal Data Migration Model File★★★☆☆
.masAccess Stored Procedures★★☆☆☆
.mavAccess View File★★★☆☆
.mawAccess Data Access Page★★☆☆☆
.mdbMicrosoft Access Database★★★★★
.mdbhtmlMicrosoft Access Database HTML File★☆☆☆☆
.mdfSQL Server Database File★★★★☆
.mdnBlank Access Database Template★☆☆☆☆
.mdtGeoMedia Access Database Template★★☆☆☆
.mpdMicrosoft Project Database★★★☆☆
.mrgMySQL Merge File★★☆☆☆
.mudTextease Multi User Database★★☆☆☆
.mwbMySQL Workbench Document★★★★☆
.mydMySQL Database Data File★★★☆☆
.ndfSQL Server Secondary Database File★★★☆☆
.ns2Lotus Notes 2 Database★☆☆☆☆
.ns3Lotus Notes 3 Database★★☆☆☆
.ns4Lotus Notes 4 Database★★☆☆☆
.nsfLotus Notes Database★★★☆☆
.nvNewViews Database File★★☆☆☆
.nv2NewViews 2 Database File★★★☆☆
.nyfmyBase Database File★★★☆☆
.odbOpenDocument Database★★★☆☆
.odbABAQUS Database★★☆☆☆
.oqyExcel OLAP Query File★★★☆☆
.oraOracle Database Configuration File★★★★☆
.orxRadiantOne VDS Database Schema★★☆☆☆
.owcOutWit Catch Database★★☆☆☆
.p96Win96 Database File★★★☆☆
.p97Win97 Database File★★★☆☆
.panPanorama Database File★★★☆☆
.pdbPalm Desktop Database File★★★★☆
.pdbProgram Database★★★★★
.pdmPowerDesigner Database File★★★☆☆
.pnzPanorama Database Set★★★☆☆
.qryQuery File★★★☆☆
.qvdQlikView Data File★★★★☆
.rbfRedatam Binary File★★☆☆☆
.rodRIB office Database File★★☆☆☆
.rpdRIB Project Database File★★☆☆☆
.rsdRealSQLDatabase File★★★☆☆
.sbfSuperbase Database File★★☆☆☆
.scxFoxPro Form★★★☆☆
.sdbMonKey Office SQLite Database File★★★☆☆ Base Database File★★☆☆☆
.sdbServerBoss Database File★★★☆☆
.sdfSQL Server Compact Database File★★★☆☆
.sisSisma Database File★★★☆☆
.spqSPSS Database Query File★★★☆☆
.sqlStructured Query Language Data File★★★★★
.sqliteSQLite Database File★★★★☆
.sqlite3SQLite 3 Database File★★★☆☆
.sqlitedbSQLite Database★★★★☆
.teTextease CT Database File★★★★☆
.teacherSMART Response Teacher Database File★★☆☆☆
.tmdMySQL Temporary Database File★★☆☆☆
.tpsClarion TopSpeed Data File★★★★☆
.trcOracle Trace File★★★☆☆
.trmOracle Trace Map File★★☆☆☆
.udbDynamics AX User Database File★★★☆☆
.udlMicrosoft Universal Data Link File★★★☆☆
.usrFileMaker Pro Database File★★★☆☆
.v12All The Right Type Database File★☆☆☆☆
.visVisual Importer Script★★★☆☆
.wdbMicrosoft Works Database★★★☆☆
.wmdbWindows Media Database File★★★☆☆
.wrkSQL Server Log Shipping File★★☆☆☆
.xdbPowerDesigner Database Definition File★★★☆☆
.xldExcel Database File★☆☆☆☆
.^^^Pervasive.SQL Database File★★☆☆☆

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