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.ESS File Extensions

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.ESS file extension

Generic Icon
File TypeThe Elder Scrolls Saved Game
DeveloperBethesda Softworks
3 stars
CategoryGame Files
File Format Description

Saved game created by The Elder Scrolls (TES) first person role-playing games, including Skyrim (TES 5), Oblivion (TES 4), and Morrowind (TES 3); stores the game progress for quests as well as the character's level and items; also saves the play time.

Program(s) that open .ESS files

Generic Icon
File TypeEasySpreadsheet Spreadsheet
1 star
CategorySpreadsheet Files
File Format Description

Spreadsheet created with E-Press EasySpreadsheet software, which is compatible with Microsoft Excel.

Program(s) that open .ESS files
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Icon E-Press EasyOffice

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